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About Us:

 Royale Merchant

Royale Merchant jewelry is founded by three friends that share the same vision; Create a jewelry company that offers handcrafted jewelry from the highest quality materials on the market. Made to last a lifetime and inspire people to be adventurous and chase the life of their dreams.
The company was started in Hawaii and was inspired by the surfing community, and was best known for introducing "luxury surf jewelry" to the market. The idea is to craft a leather necklace that won't tarnish in water and will stay with you through the most extreme conditions and adventures. The brand is exponentially growing every month with new designs and content from all over the world.
The name is inspired by the largest lost treasure of all time from the sunken ship of Royal Merchant. The word "Royale" comes from the adjective used to describe luxurious and high end products.
The Royal Merchant, a legendary ship known as the "Eldorado of the Seas," sank in 1641 off the British coast near the Isles of Scilly, carrying a precious cargo of gold, silver, and coins worth over a billion dollars today. The 700-ton galleon, initially used for trading with Spanish colonies, encountered a technical issue during a stopover in Cadiz, Spain, where it took on additional cargo including the pay of Spanish soldiers. Badly repaired, the ship attempted to return to England but succumbed to water leakage and sank.
Numerous treasure hunters have sought the Merchant Royal's riches, including a 2007 discovery that turned out to be a different wreck, and a 2019 sighting of a potentially related anchor. The quest to uncover the biggest sunken trasure in history continues.
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